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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finland Universities - Application Period for 2013 Admission

Application times

The academic year in Finland is divided into two terms:autumn term (from August/September to December)spring term (from January to the end of May)Most degree programmes only take in new degree students at the beginning of the academic year. So, usually your application will concern studies that start in the autumn term. In some cases, however, it may be possible to apply for studies that start in the spring term.

Applying to polytechnics/universities of applied science (UAS)
Joint admission to the Bachelor’s level programmes at polytechnics (UAS):

January-February: the main application period; for studies starting in the autumn term.August-September: the application period for studies starting in the spring term (it should be noted however that on this round there is a significantly smaller selection of programmes on offer, since not all polytechnics offer the spring term admission option) / NB for Jan 2016 entry, the tentative scedule for the application period is3.-14. 

September 2015 - the application dates can be found on the  site - on the front page, or in the section "Application practicalities > Timetable for joint application"In some cases, UAS's may have additional extra applications for autumn entry starting in late May/early June, if there are study placements left once the Jan/Feb applicants' student selection is complete. But this is only a possibility, not the standard procedure. You cannot submit an additional application outside the regular application periods (see above) unless the UAS announces an additional application round opened. Information on this possible option is not available beforehand. If such extra applications are arranged, they will be directly to the UAS's (not via 

So please check the individual UAS web pages in late May/early June (and remember to "like" their Facebook pages so you'll get notifications of possible additional applications).
Since the applications to the Master’s programmes provided by the polytechnics/UAS's are sent directly to the institutions, their application deadlines may vary. If applying to a polytechnic/UAS Master’s programme, please check the application times directly with the institution in question. Remember that in order to be an eligible applicant to the UAS Master's programmes, you need to hold a Bachelor's followed by at least three years of relevant work experience.

Applying to universities

The exact application times and deadlines depend on the institution and the programmehowever, in most cases the annual application period to the university degree programmes begins between November and January.for Bachelor's level admission at universities, please contact the university directly about info on how and when to apply (note that as opposed to polytechnics/UAS's, the universities offer only a very limited amount of Bachelor's level programmes in English - please consult the database for more information on study options) 
for Master's level admission, many Finnish universities use the University Admissions Finland  service (UAF). 

On the UAF site, you can also find a list of the Master's level application times  of those universities that have their admissions via UAF.
however, not all universities/programmes have their admissions via UAF - some universities/programmes may have a separate admission route. The admissions pages of those universities not using the UAF admissions service can be found listed in the section 'Application system'. You need to check the application time on the university's own web site.

If in doubt about how and when to apply, please check the correct application route with the Admissions Office of the university you're interested in.

Those interested in post-Master's level studies (doctoral studies, research) should contact the universities of their choice directly for information on how and when to apply. Some universities may accept doctoral study applications at all times, while others may have specific application periods. See section 'Doctoral admissions'.




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